Sunday, 29 November 2009

De Bono's Hats...of all the things to remember

It's funny how some things just stick in your mind. I can't remember my dentist's appointment or that there's something in the oven but, Edward De Bono is lurking in my grey matter and I didn't even know it.

De Bono and his Hats were first introduced to me during my Teacher Training. It was part of the Critical Incident criteria. I had to apply his Hats to an incident at college. So I did this, duly wrote it up and handed it in....The End... or so I thought.

I have not thought of De Bono in years until this week when a friend of mine brought me her homework that needed proof reading. She has returned to university to take Nursing. Potty, nickname only, had a new assignment and didn't understand what it was asking. Now as I write this I can't remember what the assignment was but I can remember that De Bono's Hats was a possible answer (I think it had something to do with social experiments). I introduced Potty to his hats and the meaning of the different colours. I was amazed at how I remembered it all. It flowed off my tongue as if I spoke on the subject everyday.

So here I am at an ungodly hour of the morning completing all sorts of mundane, but necessary, admin jobs for my new business. I am flicking between being in charge of accounts, marketing, sales, management and being a teacher and of course this once again put me in mind of De Bono's hats. I know it's not relevant but completing all these different tasks reminded me of the English idiom (I think it's an Idiom?) about wearing different hats for different roles. And, of course, there in lies the correlation my brain made to the infamous Hats.

I have to wonder at the workings of a brain that remembers one thing and disregards the rest. As a special needs teacher knowing how to crack this anomaly would be the answer to my, and my students', needs.

So, with my Blue Hat firmly in place, I shall continue to complete even more mundane admin jobs and see where my brain takes me next...somewhere warm I hope.........

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