Thursday, 15 October 2009

I am an Idiot

It's official..I found the blog I's time for me to rest.... but not in peace!

IT Illiterate

Have just spent 2 hours doing a blog and lost it...........all of it.....aarrggghhhh

Contrary Mary had a Canary.....

A childish rhyme that always stuck with me. If I was ever introduced to someone called Mary my mind automatically sang the little ditty....sad but true.

I still haven't had a Eureka moment. Everything is pointing towards me not working and staying at home being ill. Did I mention I was ill? Probably not knowing me. I don't feel ill but my body took the time to remind me it was feeling the strain. It manifested itself in a Saddle Pulmonary Embolism. Now that was a scary couple of days. Doctors look so much younger than they ever did. I know it's because I've got older but 21 year old is much too young to tell me I'm going to die! I expect someone with facial hair, wrinkles, glasses and at the very least experience!

As you can gathered I didn't die. But that's because I am a stubborn, contrary old moo. I always have been. If you say 'up' I'll always say 'down' and I'll find a way to prove it too. Some would say these are negative traits and I would probably agree but these traits kept me alive and developed the birth of ACT - Adult Community Training.

While I was off work sick I was too bored to be sick. I tried learning to crochet by following instructions on You Tube.... I kid you not...some people need to get a life. If I'm truthful a lot of the time I felt fine and everyone was trying to tell me I was sick and I had to rest. swearing at me....being the contrary Mary that I am I had to prove I wasn't sick. I kept thinking of going back to work...if I can work I can't be ill..can I? I don't know where my work ethic came from but it's strong. If I could bottle it I would make a fortune and an entirely new country and parliament. But I do have a work ethic and I had to prove even though I was sick I could still do my 'bit'...whatever my 'bit' was going to be.

I wondered, I pondered, I slept on and chewed it over and over and over...and then decided....if I was going to die at work I wanted to die working for ME instead of working for someone who really doesn't give a toss and has 3 BMWs on the car park and a fat bank balance because of all my hard work. Cynical it may be but half the time it's true.

Reading back over this I realised ...there it Eureka moment...or half of it anyway. I hadn't at this point decided what I was going to do...or maybe I had but my brain held back to let me think it was my idea!

And I'll leave It there for now because I've just reminded myself I need to rest....Contrary Mary had a Canary up the Leg of her Drawers.........

Monday, 12 October 2009

Opening a Business in a that wise??

This is the question asked to me by my 17 year old son who is wet behind the ears and still thinks he can budget his monthly wage on his own but, is always skint after the first week.

However, it's a bloody good question. Why am I..a 41 year old woman opening a new business in a recession?

I don't have the answer. Therefore, I am going to blog, not blag, my way through the preparations of opening the business in the hope that I will have a Eureka moment before I open the doors in January 2010.

My husband is a self employed market trader. I do his books and other stuff to do with his self be honest there isn't a lot of 'other stuff' to do for him and his stall.

But my new venture is completely different. I am planning to open an adult education and training centre in Rochdale. I've never done something on this scale before.

It has to be limited I'm told. It needs to be registered at Company's House I'm told. It needs to be VAT registered I'm told. It needs to have public and employer liability insurance I'm told. It needs to have professional indemnity insurance I'm told.

Are you getting the picture? Everybody I know, or meet, has something to tell me that is pivotal to setting up this venture and ensuring it is a success. People have had nothing but praise and think it's a wonderful idea..some have even enrolled on courses already...but I'm confused! Utterly and totally confused.

There seems to be a chicken and egg scenario. I want to lease a premises and the landlord wants a bank reference. OK no problem but I haven't got a bank account yet. I know I'll open a bank account. But, the name isn't registered with Company's House yet as a limited company and it needs to say LTD on the cheque book....everyone knows that...don't they?
Hmmm...I'll have to register the name with Company's House. Oh..but wait... I have no registered address to register at!....chicken and egg....

Am I any nearer to answer the question of why I am opening a business in a recession? I don't think so... in fact, reading back over what I have just written makes me think that child of mine has dried his ears recently.

Maybe the next blog, not blag, will bring me nearer to my Eureka moment.