Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Cutting Costs or Cutting Corners?

Setting up a new business is quite costly. Adult Community Training has been, or is being, set up and funded by me. I think this is quite something considering I have no money! But, one thing a woman can do is 'make do'. So all purchases have been carefully researched for the best bargain....lets cut to the chase here....I mean the CHEAPEST.

Yes, I'm cheap but oh so cheerful and so will ACT. The furniture is second hand, so are the computers and resources. I suppose I'm second hand too! Unfortunately there are somethings that can't be had second hand e.g. solicitor's fees, websites, electricity, telephone, broadband and the list goes on.

While I'm, quite happily, scrubbing the second hand acquisitions and looking at the slightly knocked and banged up furniture I wonder how long they will last. Was it false economy buying used furniture? Will it fall to pieces in the first month and need replacing?

Only time will tell. So I will carry on scrubbing, polishing and, in some cases, repairing my treasured acquisitions, readying everything for a brand new opening.

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