Thursday, 15 October 2009

Contrary Mary had a Canary.....

A childish rhyme that always stuck with me. If I was ever introduced to someone called Mary my mind automatically sang the little ditty....sad but true.

I still haven't had a Eureka moment. Everything is pointing towards me not working and staying at home being ill. Did I mention I was ill? Probably not knowing me. I don't feel ill but my body took the time to remind me it was feeling the strain. It manifested itself in a Saddle Pulmonary Embolism. Now that was a scary couple of days. Doctors look so much younger than they ever did. I know it's because I've got older but 21 year old is much too young to tell me I'm going to die! I expect someone with facial hair, wrinkles, glasses and at the very least experience!

As you can gathered I didn't die. But that's because I am a stubborn, contrary old moo. I always have been. If you say 'up' I'll always say 'down' and I'll find a way to prove it too. Some would say these are negative traits and I would probably agree but these traits kept me alive and developed the birth of ACT - Adult Community Training.

While I was off work sick I was too bored to be sick. I tried learning to crochet by following instructions on You Tube.... I kid you not...some people need to get a life. If I'm truthful a lot of the time I felt fine and everyone was trying to tell me I was sick and I had to rest. swearing at me....being the contrary Mary that I am I had to prove I wasn't sick. I kept thinking of going back to work...if I can work I can't be ill..can I? I don't know where my work ethic came from but it's strong. If I could bottle it I would make a fortune and an entirely new country and parliament. But I do have a work ethic and I had to prove even though I was sick I could still do my 'bit'...whatever my 'bit' was going to be.

I wondered, I pondered, I slept on and chewed it over and over and over...and then decided....if I was going to die at work I wanted to die working for ME instead of working for someone who really doesn't give a toss and has 3 BMWs on the car park and a fat bank balance because of all my hard work. Cynical it may be but half the time it's true.

Reading back over this I realised ...there it Eureka moment...or half of it anyway. I hadn't at this point decided what I was going to do...or maybe I had but my brain held back to let me think it was my idea!

And I'll leave It there for now because I've just reminded myself I need to rest....Contrary Mary had a Canary up the Leg of her Drawers.........

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